Sunday, May 25, 2008

1) How do we know that our membership fee is used diligently for the stated purpose?
Ans. Though an income/expense statement will be provided to the members vide a monthly activity newsletter, a final audit report will be presented at the time of the AGM covering all the expenses incurred and income received by the IICCC.
2) What will be the single most important objective of the IICCC?
The most important objective will be networking of the Christian business community, not only amongst themselves but also with the Christian institutional fraternity in particular and the Christian population in general.
3) Will the administration of the IICCC organization wrest on the shoulders of a few directors?
No, IICCC organization will be a Christian people’s organization with Christians from all walks of life and from all denominations partaking in the international, national ,state, city and zonal chapter-level administration and networking of this democratic organization.
4) Is there a chance for caste or inter-denominational infighting to happen within the IICCC?
NO, the IICCC’s mission is to function as a model inter-denominational organization for all other Christian organizations in India to see and emulate. At no stage will members who harbor parochial views on the basis of caste, language, denomination, region and race will either be entertained as a member or allowed to continue as a member of the IICCC. The IICCC will be very strict on this parameter since the very basis of its founding principle is to create an ecumenical Christian movement in India.
5) Does the chamber enjoy all the powers of the other secular chambers?
Of course, it does. The Indo-international Christian Chamber of Commerce has got all the powers enjoyed by other chambers such as to aid in visa processing to quote an example.

The Indo-International Christian Chamber of Commerce is registered under Companies act of 1956. Its logo is a trade mark of IICCC.

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